I'm an Italian photographer currently based in Amsterdam, where I lived for a few years now.


I have a great deal of experience with commercial photography (including both private and public events - weddings, concerts, conferences and sporting competitions) as well as in making my own independent work, which mainly is in a documentary style.

In my documentary work, I place great importance on staying "invisible" as much as possible, a quality that I have perfected over the years. During my event work, I have learned to interact positively with people and help them express themselves freely in front of the camera.


I completed my master's degree in Photojournalism at Officine Fotografiche Roma in Italy, and have continued working on my independent projects since I finished my studies. Recently I completed an internship at the famous cultural centre Mediamatic in Amsterdam, where I learned more about commercial photography, studio lighting, directing people in photoshoots, and increased my experience in editing pictures for their website and social media channels. 

About my photography


People are the most fascinating subject to me. I love to catch the fleeting, spontaneous moments - and the best way to do this is to get as close as possible to the scene, the people, and the moment, while remaining invisible as an observer. My greatest skill is to allow my subjects to feel comfortable, natural, and relaxed - allowing me to capture the moment in its purest form. My style is documentary (I studied photojournalism in Rome) and I apply this same intimate yet indiscernible point of view to my subjects to create the most intimate, funny, natural and honest pictures I can.


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