Through the life of an Iranian girl, Mahtab, this work shows the two daily realities, Rome and Tehran, that are not as different from one another as you might think. Mahtab shows us both realities; on one side, the aseptic offices of the university, studying at her friends' homes, the nights out; on the other side, the return to her family, the hours in the car searching for streets, feeling like a tourist in her own city, and again the nights out sleeping at her friends' homes. Two realities, the Roman and the Iranian, that you might expect to be very different, full of different scenery and lifestyles. You imagine Tehran with exotic landscapes, Persian-inspired decor, and women in chador or veiled, in contrast to Rome's short skirts, ancient architecture and western houses. On the contrary - the two worlds are mixed and confused, to the point that is difficult to comprehend the border, especially inside the home; east and west, different clothing, routines and lifestyles become impossible to seperate.