Capocotta's beach stretches along the Roman coast and is one of the best preserved dunes areas of the Mediterranean. Its history sterted in the early Seventies, when an opening was cut out in the fence of what was then hunting territory belonging to the President of the Republic. It quickly became a meeting place where anyone could practice free nudism. The beach was called "The Hole" in reference to the cuts in the fence, representing the illegal access to the beach. 

Many years have passed and Capocotta has slowly transformed. But a stretch of beach about 300 meters in length survived for free nudism.

Between these dunes, a variety of individuals belonging to the nudist community are in constant support of their belief: you can live in freedom to expose yourself. At Capocotta, social rules break in favor of freedom of expression. In this microcosm, sexuality has its own language and its own meaning: it can be sold for money, it can be a research of human contact, it can be just sex.

Our photographic work is a humble look into this unique community.

Capocotta is a collaboration between friends and colleagues Chiara Barraco and Alessandra Ascrizzi.